November 2, 2020


The Directorate of Students’ Support Services is pleased to communicate the approval of Management for the under-listed levels to resume as stipulated in the table below: S/NPROGRAMMESAPPROVED DATESOF RESUMPTIONCLINICAL1.MB;BS 2019 Clinical Set (400 A)1st November, 20202.MB;BS 2020 Clinical Set (400 B)1st November, 2020PRE-CLINICAL3.MB;BS (Pre-Clinical) Level 2009th November, 20204.B. Nursing Science (Pre-Clinical) Level 2009th November, 20205.B....
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SUBJECT: INVITATION CARDS FOR PARENTS OR GUARDIAN OF GRADUATING STUDENTS The Directorate of Students’ Support Services wishes to inform the graduating students that two invitation cards have been approved for each graduating student. This will therefore grant parents or guardian access into the convocation venue on Saturday 7th November, 2020. The invitation is valid for...
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