The Marshal of the Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria (RA), Coun. Ayo Adekunle on the authority of the National Council of RA, and on behalf of the Men’s Missionary Union (MMU) of the Nigerian Baptist Convention conducted the investiture of Professor Joshua Ogunwole as the First Ambassador of Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria, Timothy Olagbemiro Chapter, Bowen University, yesterday at the University Worship Centre.

According to the Marshall, “this honour is reserved for men and women of the Baptist faith who are considered role models, whose lives can inspire the young ones for excellence and greatness in any field of endeavour. They are people who are willing to touch lives, impact the eternity of men and promote the kingdom for the singular purpose of populating God’s kingdom.”

(L-R) Hon. Toba Adaramola, the National Vice-President of the Men’s Missionary Union (MMU); the First Ambassador and Vice-Chancellor Bowen University, Prof. Joshua Ogunwole and the RA Marshal Couns. Ayo Adekunle (far right).

The First Ambassador, Prof. Ogunwole in his acceptance speech, said being a Royal Ambassador, had been one of his childhood dreams and expressed his gratitude to God for making it come to pass, despite the fact that he had forgotten.

“I want to use this opportunity to tell you that there is power in prayer. God never forgets sincere prayers. Some of the things you pray for now can come to pass 30 years from now at God’s own appointed time. I want to thank the men and women that the Lord has used and it is my prayer that the good works of the Royal Ambassadors and the Lydia Auxiliary (LA) will continue to prosper to the glory of God’s name,” he said.

He also admonished all present, especially the members of the RA and LA, not to allow the various sacrifices that have been made to ensure their spiritual growth go to waste.

He added,”on behalf of Bowen University, we will be donating to the national body, the trophy for the marching competition from next year by the grace of God. Also, we are going to donate N 50,000 each to the national body, the Osun State chapter and the Timothy Olagbemiro chapter, as well as the Lydia Auxiliary.”

Members of the Royal Ambassadors and Lydia Auxiliary, Timothy Olagbemiro Chapter, Bowen University and guests from the Osun State chapter and the national body.