A lecturer in the department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Dr. (Mrs) Esther Faboro has been elected as the Chairperson of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (Osun State Chapter).

A very elated Dr. Faboro said “I am excited that Bowen can proudly say she produced the current chairperson of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, Osun State Chapter. My position now will enable me groom young chemists and scholars better than I could, and also further shine the light on Bowen University and the excellent coming out of the institution.”

Speaking on the research thrust of Bowen, she said “now, we are better positioned as a university to conduct researches that are useful t our immediate environment and the world at large, and not just conducting researches that will end up on shelves. By God’s grace, the research works coming out of Bowen University will be ground-breaking.”