Things to Know About the Bowen Transport System

Bowen is a school filled with lots of beautiful infrastructure and each of these infrastructures has its own function and importance to the students. Be it the colleges, the library, the clinic or even the Chapel all these structures are important, and so is commuting between them.

During the process of resumption, there is the need for students to move from one place to another for their registration and during the normal school period where moving from new site to old site and vice versa is a daily issue. There is the availability of buses and cabs on the school campus to aid and ease student movement around the campus.

The cabs are the most common means of transportation on the campus. Due to the Covid 19 guidelines the school follows, cabs are only allowed to carry 3 people (one at the front alongside the driver and two seated in the back seat). Each person per seat pays a fee of 75 naira and if one person wants to charter the cab that is a fee of 225 naira.  The buses are the alternative means of transportation on the campus, and they only sit the amount of people allowed by the Covid 19 guidelines of the school. A sit in the bus costs 60 naira. These above mentioned means of transportation are always available on campus to make transportation easy.

In addition, the school implements a transport ticketing system, in which you buy tickets to be able to pay the fee of the cab and bus drivers. To such effect, cab tickets of 75 naira and bus tickets of 60 naira are available at the ticketing points at various points of the campus.

In Bowen University, there are bus stops where the buses and cabs that are not in transit at that moment stay, so if an individual is in need of a means of transportation, there is easy of access to the various means of transportation on the campus at the bus stops.

You can as well get the number of some cab men you trust so that in case you are far from a bus stop, you can easily call them to come and pick you wherever you are.


Jesse KingDavid
Sanctuary coordinator BBSF