Dear Fresh Student,

On behalf of the Bowen Baptist Students’ Fellowship Executives, I welcome you to Bowen University, Iwo Osun state. May your stay be productive and purposeful in Jesus name. Amen.

Kindly note that listed below are the things you should bring and the things you should not bring upon your resumption to Bowen University as guided by the rules and regulations of the institution.




  • Coloured hair/wigs: It is important to note that the standard hair colour for all Bowen University female students is black. As a result, coloured hair, attachments and wigs such as purple, green, pink, gold etc. are not allowed.
  • Short and high slit skirts: The length of skirt permitted is knee length skirt with little or no slit at the back. Skirts that have slit at the front are not allowed. high slit skirts are not allowed. However, you can bring any skirt colour of your choice.
  • Sleeveless, off shoulder and net/transparent tops/dresses: Kindly note that Bowen University stands for Godliness and as a result, moderation in dressing matters to the institution. Hence sleeveless tops, off shoulder and net/transparent tops/dresses are not allowed. Please, endeavor to bring decent clothing upon your resumption.
  • Trousers: Trousers are not allowed on campus (for the females). However, leggings, joggers and shorts can be worn within the hostel and to the gym on Saturdays (between 6:30 am and 11:59 am). Any female student seen outside the hostel on joggers or leggings after 11:59 am on Saturday will be reprimanded by the courtesy officers.
  • Hair beads are not allowed.



  • Knee length skirts and corporate tops/shirts for classes: Everyone is expected to dress corporately to class from Mondays to Fridays. Hence, female students are to wear knee length skirts with decent and corporate tops or gowns to class.
  • Hair covers: As a female student, it is compulsory to cover your head during chapel services, hence, you are encouraged to bring your scarves, turbans, bandanas or berets to cover your hair.
  • Foot wears: You are expected to come with flat covered shoes (any colour of your choice; for your classes and Sunday services), sandals, heels (this is optional) and slippers. Note that slippers and palms are not allowed to classes on Mondays to Fridays and on Sunday for chapel service..
  • Ankara and Native Wears: This can be worn to Chapel on Sundays. However, modesty and decency should be considered in choosing your dress styles.
  • Gowns/dresses and tops can be worn in school.



  • Sunday service: You can be flexible in your dressing; that is you may choose to dress corporately or wear Ankara and your footware should be either heels, covered shoe or sandals [slippers and palms are not allowed]. However, note that your hair should be properly covered.
  • After classes on week days: Casual clothes such as bubo/maxi gowns, tops and skirts can be worn from 6 pm.
  • Wednesday Chapel Service: You are to dress corporately with your hair properly covered.
  • Make up is allowed to Chapel and unit/departmental programmes, however, it should be done in moderation.

In conclusion, moderation is key in your dressing and wisdom is profitable to direct. Kindly click the link to access and download the Bowen University Students’ Handbook for more information: 

 ‘Self-confidence is the best attire, so own it and show it’ – Anonymous

The question is, what better way is there to portray your self-confidence than through your attire? Here at Bowen University, we aim at producing well groomed individuals who showcase excellence and godliness not just in conversations but also in appearance.

In this article, we will be enlightening you on the ‘DO’ and ‘DON’T’ of your attire while on campus.



To start with, Trousers that run above the ankle are not allowed. Jeans are allowed but are not to be worn during official hours [8am-6pm]. The official hours of the institution ends at 6:00pm which means after this time you can wear jeans.  

Also, cooperate shirts are to be worn during official hours and should be accompanied with a tie. Casual shirts and wears are equally allowed after the official hours and also on Fridays.

In addition to the above, another aspect of your dress code is the foot-wear. Foot-wears such as bathroom slippers, slide slippers, palms and leather slippers are not allowed during official hours.

Note that face-caps can only be worn after the official hours.

Male students are not allowed to keep full afro hair and barb funky hairstyle. Always ensure that your hair is properly kept and maintained at all times.

Finally, attires worn to the university worship center during the Wednesday worship should portray a full official look (which comprises a cooperate shirt, a trouser, a tie and covered shoe to accompany it) and those worn to the Sunday worship should not include jeans, palm slippers and bathroom slippers.


Written By  

Adelakun .A. Samuel
Program Coordinator

Isioma Ojeme.
Vice-President Female (BBSF).