Physiology Programme is one of the cardinal programmes in the pre-clinical wing of College of Health Sciences. It is the field of basic medical sciences concerned with the knowledge and understanding of the normal functions of the human body. The programme awards bachelors of science degree and is also involved in servicing students of many other programmes including; Medicine and Surgery, Anatomy, Nursing Sciences, Physiotherapy and Medical laboratory Science. B.Sc. Physiology in Bowen University is a four year duration program for students admitted via JAMB examination and three years for direct entry students. Our academic programs in Bowen University are reputed for their smooth and uninterrupted flow and therefore our students are guaranteed to complete the programme within the stipulated duration. The lecturers in Physiology programme not only deliver lectures to students but ensure interpersonal contact with individual students to directly impact the basis of the discipline. Our students graduate with B.Sc. Physiology degree which enables them further their postgraduate studies in any of the Basic Medical and Health Sciences and work as lecturers in such departments anywhere in the world. The certificate also qualifies our graduates for positions in medical research institutes, pharmacological centres, fitness centres etc and they enjoy top relevance in many current innovative fields like Exercise/sports physiology, genetic modification, stem cell researches and many more. The knowledge of Physiology is currently playing a pivotal role in modern innovations in the field of medicine and Bowen University is at the forefront of delivering this knowledge.

You are welcomed to the Physiology programme of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. The guiding philosophy of the programme is to provide a sound foundation for the understanding of the basis of the physical and chemical mechanisms responsible for the normal functions of the body. We do this while also upholding the university ethos of ‘Godliness and excellence’.
To achieve the aim and objectives of our philosophy, the programme is blessed with high quality academic and non-academic staff members who are involved in one way or the other to ensure good teaching, objective student assessment, research and delivery of various services to our immediate and remote community. The learning schedule ensures (apart from acquiring in-depth knowledge) the training of graduates who are morally upright and professionally sound.
The development of staff members and students both professionally and spiritually remains a major strong point of the programme.

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[stm_blockquote]The programme has a rich academic programme that is here to take this exciting and experiential journey with you. Once again, welcome, as you join the B.Sc. Physiology family of Bowen University.[/stm_blockquote]