Items or Things Students are Allowed to Bring and not Bring into Bowen University.

Hello Fresher!

This article has been prepared to guide you, on the things allowed and not allowed into Bowen University.

Items or Things Allowed in the School

  1. Plastic or unbreakable plates, cup and flasks are allowed. For utensils, only spoons and plastic fork are permitted.
  2. Buckets, big bowls for washing, bailer
  3. Provisions- cornflakes, milk, milo, etc.
  4. Food items packaged in plastic containers
  5. Beddings- bed sheet, pillow case, duvet, etc.
  6. Toiletries- Dettol, hypo, tissue paper, sanitary
  7. Electronics – electric kettle, extension box, iron, electric fan, torchlights, lamp, adaptor.
  8. Wardrope hanger, pegs.
  9. Stationery- books, pen, pencil, eraser, ruler e.t.c

Items or Things that aren’t Allowed into the School

  1. Glass or ceramic plates. Utensils such as aluminum forks and knives are not ALLOWED.
  2. Food items that are packaged in glass containers
  3. Electronic- hair drier or straightener, microwave oven, fridge, hot plates etc.
  4. Raw food items such as rice, beans, yam, plantain etc.


Written by

Zinsu Favour
Female Hall Shepherd


Olufemi Lydia
Female Utility Coordinator