Following duly reported cases of inconclusive 2019/2020 Second Semester examination by some students, the Directorate of Students’ Support Services wishes to communicate the approval of Management for an on-site make-up examination which is billed to be held from Thursday, 15th October to Saturday, 17th October, 2020. Students will recall that the University instructed that all online challenges during the examination should be reported to their respective Programme Coordinators. Students who adhered to the instruction are to kindly await information from their Programme Coordinators on or before 11:59pm on Sunday, 11th October, 2020 on their respective group platforms.

Because the make-up examination will be done on-site, students are therefore expected
to travel to the University armed with necessary information as clarified in this document.

Travel/Arrival: Concerned students are enjoined to be on campus on or before Tuesday 13th October 2020. Official emails are expected from concerned students expressing their intention to travel. The subject of the email should read MATRIC NO-MAKEUP- ONSITE (for e.g SCI/015/2468-MAKEUP-ONSITE) and it is to be sent to before 12noon on Monday 12th October, 2020.

All concerned students cleared for resumption are to, in light of the strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, resume with the following, failure of which may lead to denial of entry into the University.

a. At least, one (1) face shield
b. At least, two (2) cream colour or white colour nose masks
c. At least, one (1) Portable hand sanitizer.

In addition, Students are expected to strictly observe physical and social distancing and obey any other instruction(s) throughout the period of their stay on campus. A COVID- 19 Compliance Team is in place to monitor general compliance.

The Directorate wishes all concerned students safe trip to campus.


Dr. A.A. Aderibigbe

Directorate of Students’ Support Services

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Isaiah 40:29.