Launch of Virginia Tech – Nigerian Bowen Equatorial Aeronomy Radar (VT-NigerBEAR)

We were graced to have the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo with us at the launch of the first Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) today. The system is named Virginia Tech – Nigerian Bowen Equatorial Aeronomy Radar (VT-NigerBEAR).

Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo

The radar network is the 36th of such in existence around the World. The VT-NigerBEAR is a network of high frequency radars that looks into the earth’s upper atmosphere, providing insight into variations in atmospheric conditions and weather hazards.

Virginia Tech – Nigerian Bowen Equatorial Aeronomy Radar (VT-NigerBEAR)
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Bowen University Inducts 61 Physiotherapists into the Nigerian Association of Physiotherapy

From L- R, Tomide, Julius, and Wuraola were today’s best-graduating students from the physiotherapy program upon their Induction into the Nigerian Association of Physiotherapy.

Bowen University is the first and largest Private Institution to offer Physiotherapy in Nigeria.

We congratulate all 61 students who were Inducted and we hope to see you again on the 5th of November at the Convocation ceremony.

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Bowen Inducts 61 Nurses into the The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM)

Daniella was unveiled as the best graduating student of Nursing during the Induction of 61 Nurses into the The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) earlier today. Here’s what she told us

“I feel honored to be recognized here today, because having to be disciplined never comes easy. I want to urge people out there not to oversleep at night, don’t eat too much, you need self control while trying to achieve your goals. You also have to make sacrifices in education in general because you can’t always have it all.”

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The post of Vice-Chancellor of Bowen University will become vacant as from August 1, 2023. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the University Charter, Bowen University Governing Council hereby wishes to commence the process of filling the vacancy. Interested applicants are requested to note the following information about the University and the position.


Bowen University is a licensed private institution owned by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Established in July 2001, the University is committed to adding a distinctly moral dimension and godly values to tertiary education in Nigeria. The Motto of the University is “Excellence and Godliness.”


The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive and Academic Officer as well as the Chief Accounting Officer of the University. He/she exercises general supervision and control as well as provides strategic direction and leadership in the affairs of the University “in accordance with the Baptist tradition of ethical behaviour, social responsibility and democratic ethos.”

The Vice-Chancellor is a member of the Executive Committee of the Nigerian Baptist Convention and the University Governing Council as well as all statutory Committees of Council. In addition, he/she chairs the Senate and other principal bodies of the University, and, except as otherwise provided by the statute, nominates other representatives to chair other Committees.

The Vice-Chancellor plays a vital role in securing and growing the financial base of the University. All powers relating to proper maintenance and discipline of students is vested in him/her. He/she works with various bodies and authorities within the University to pursue the vision, mission and philosophy of the University.


The successful candidate must:

(i)        be a Christian, preferably of Baptist denomination, of high moral standard and integrity;

(ii)       have been a professor for not less than ten (10) years, with an unbroken service within the university system during this period, except if on national and international assignment;

(iii)      be between the ages of 45 and 60;

(iv)      be a dynamic, distinguished and internationally renowned scholar who demonstrates academic excellence in terms of quality publications, teaching, credible community service and proficiency in Digital Technology (DT);

(v)       be a man/woman of courage and unassailable transparent honesty, who can take decision on the merit of facts, equity and patriotism with the fear of God, and not on the basis of parochial interest or primordial pressures;

(vi)      possess a successful track record of visionary leadership, innovative managerial accomplishments and highly developed entrepreneurial skills;

(vii)     demonstrate a track record of fundraising and ability to attract donors;

(viii)    possess the ability to strengthen relationships among students, staff and other members of the University Community and the general populace;

(ix)      have a feasible plan for the development of the University, in tandem with the laid down vision of the University;

(x)       possess the drive and ability to attract funds and strengthen linkages with other institutions, national and international;

(xi)      be in excellent physical and mental health; and

(xii)     satisfy other basic requirements for appointment as approved by the Governing Council of the University.


The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for a single term of five (5) years only. Bowen University runs an attractive performance-based remuneration package. The Vice- Chancellor shall hold office on such terms and conditions as may be specified in his/her instrument of appointment.


Interested and qualified candidates are to send their applications, curriculum vitae and all other necessary credentials as attachment in PDF or MS word format to:

Format for Curriculum Vitae

The following format should be used for preparation of curriculum vitae:

(i)       Full name with surname capitalised

(ii)       Date of birth, town and state of origin

(iii)      Nationality

(iv)      Religion and denomination

(v)       Current postal address (including GSM number and email address)

(vi)      Permanent home town address

(vii)     Marital status

(viii)    Names and ages of children

(ix)      Institutions attended with dates

(x)       Academic qualifications (degrees with classes-copies of certificates to be enclosed)

(xi)      Teaching, research, administrative and managerial experience

(xii)     Academic distinction

(xiii)    Membership of academic and professional bodies

(xiv)    Scholarly publications, the link to Google Scholar, ORCID, SCOPUS and Research Gate (to be properly cited)    

(xv)     Names and addresses of three (3) referees. Referees should be contacted by each candidate to submit signed electronic copies of confidential report in PDF format to the same email address stated above, attesting to the candidate’s academic and managerial abilities as well as his/her moral character and uprightness.

Statement of Vision for the University

The application should also include candidate’s Statement of Vision for the University for the next five years in not more than 1000 words.



Candidates are also requested to submit ten (10) hard copies of their applications, curriculum vitae and necessary credentials under confidential cover in sealed envelopes marked POST OF VICE CHANCELLOR, BOWEN UNIVERSITY, IWO to:

The Registrar,
Bowen University,
P. M. B. 284,
Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.

All applications both in hard and electronic copies should be submitted on or before 30th November, 2022.

Shortlisted candidates will be requested to make themselves available for interview with the Selection Committee of the Governing Council.


B. T. Adetona
Registrar & Secretary to Council


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ATTENTION: Security Advisory for 2022/2023 Assumption & Resumption


The Directorate of Students’ Support Services (DSSS) wishes to inform the fresh and returning students that the schedule of assumption and resumption of undergraduate students subsists. The following information should be noted ahead of assumption (for fresh students) and resumption (for returning students):

  1. Assumption for fresh students is on Monday, 17th October, 2022.
  2. Resumption for returning students is on Sunday, 23rd October, 2022. Returning students are not expected on campus before the due date.
  3. Given that it is rainy season, it is advised that students seek information and advice, on the nature and situation of the routes they wish to navigate before travelling.
  4. Students who decide to use public transportation should take the pain to note the vehicle number, vehicle type and vehicle colour, and send the information to their Parents or Guardian. If it is possible, pictures of the vehicle should be taken before boarding and sent to a family or trusted relative. Students are encouraged to prioritise boarding vehicles within bus terminals as against waiting on the highway for vehicles.
  5. Considering the increasing nature of insecurity, especially with road transportation, it is advised that students should be careful with public discussions when in public vehicles. A careless conversation can empower a criminal but silence on the part of the commuter is safety. Students should leave their homes with enough snacks/drinks and avoid possible purchase from vendors or seemingly innocent gifts from passengers.
  6. Students should clear the history of financial transactions on their mobile phones, to deter criminals. The environment of bus terminals should be examined carefully and the occupants of vehicles assessed for possible threatening give-away.
  7. Students should avoid night travel by all means necessary.

The DSSS wishes all students travelling mercies.

Thank you.


Dr. A.A. Aderibigbe
Director, Directorate of Students’ Support Services

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Bowen University Scholar Emerges Nigeria’s First Scientist to Win Harvard Prestigious Fellowship

Meet Olatunde Dahunsi, a Professor of Microbiology in Bowen University. He recently became the first Nigerian Scientist to win the Harvard Radcliffe Fellowship in the 2022/2023 cohort of 50 fellows worldwide.

Dahunsi, is one of the three Africans selected as Fellows in the 2022/2023 cohort and the first Nigerian scientist who broke the jinx and became the first ever Harvard Radcliffe Fellow in the Sciences, coming after Chimamanda Adichie who won the Fellowship in 2011 on Fiction and Poetry, Ifeoma Fafunwa who won the Fellowship in 2017 in Performing Arts and Chidi Ugwu the winner in 2020 on Anthropology. So far, about 1,195 fellows have been awarded worldwide with only 4 from Nigeria.

He will conduct research in renewable and sustainable energy generation, waste management and sustainable agriculture.

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