Bowen University in Conjunction with Friesland Campina presents an International Conference on Sustainable Dairy Production. With the theme: Harnessing Recent Advances Towards Improved Dairy Production.

Nigerian milk consumption is 1.7 million tons per year. Nigeria may be known for its crude oil resources, but agriculture is also important. Approximately one-third of the country’s 92 million ha compromise arable land. Dairy features on the list of Nigeria’s most important consumables with the potential to create millions of jobs and bring a sizable return to the country’s treasury.

Ben Langat, Managing Director of Friesland Campina Sub-Saharan Africa Cluster

The dairy4growth project is in line with our purpose – nourishing by nature. The Project has successfully introduced the dairy zone model, which is based on resource sharing, collaboration, and exchanges. Farms naturally need time to develop and grow, but collaborative working and bulk purchasing help foster collective action. These simple but meaningful arrangements combined with enhanced infrastructure, training and extension support, and the introduction of feed and fodder production have significantly contributed to increasing the production volume of quality milk.

The project aims to be a pathway for change in the nation and across the continent. it has already begun by creating entrepreneurship opportunities by improving the quality of milk produced which leads to higher income, adoption of good dairy farm practices, and training farmers in cattle nutrition, thereby laying the foundations for commercial dairy.

Note: FDOV means a Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security. It is a facility of the ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands, executed by the Netherlands, enterprise agency.

The event consisted of many distinguished personalities and authorities giving extensive lectures on the subjects of cattle, cattle crossbreeding and feeding/nutrition, milk processing, and milk production and how it can benefit not just the locality but the nation and continent as a whole.