• By policy, the University provides accommodation for all registered students and it is therefore compulsory for all undergraduate students to live on campus.
  • On arrival, students will be allocated rooms in halls of residence as determined by the Student Affairs Unit.

(b)       BEDDINGS

Students are required to come with their own beddings (i.e. bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets).  Students will be responsible for the cleaning of their rooms and for their laundry.


  • Students cannot sell, buy, advertise, solicit, offer or market items in the halls of residence and the University environment except when officially authourized. Where this rule is violated, those found culpable will face disciplinary action.
  • Screening of beds in the halls of residence is not allowed, except for the use of transparent mosquito net.

(d)       EXEATS

  • In order to be away from the University campus either by going into town or traveling out of town, an undergraduate student must obtain an exeat issued by the Student Affairs Unit.
  • For the purpose of travelling out of town, the Dean of Student Affairs must approve such an exeat, which should have been applied for, at least 48 hours before such a trip. Undergraduate students are not normally allowed to travel more than once in a month.
  • Exeats will not normally be issued to cover a period of worship and group devotions.
  • Any student found to be away from the University without an exeat will face disciplinary action.


  • Students may be allowed to visit their fellow students in other halls of residence, but not during the period of general assembly or worship service and not beyond 9.00 pm on any day.
  • Visitation to halls of residence of the opposite sex is not permitted.


All proposed off-campus activities by students of the University are to be submitted in writing for consideration and recommendation through the Student Affairs Office for the Vice-Chancellor’s approval.  The request should among other things include:

  • The destination, purpose of the trip, time of leaving the campus and the time of returning.
  • The name(s) of the Chaperone(s) for the programme, who must be senior member(s) of staff of the University. Chaperone(s) are to take proper briefing from the Vice-Chancellor prior to the commencement of the journey.
  • The method of transportation (vehicle, the owner and the arrangement in place)
  • The endorsement of the staff adviser or the University official in charge.
  • In the case of activities organized by student groups, parental consent must be sought by the student before he/she can be allowed to travel with the group.
  • Applications for off-campus programme must be received for approval at least a week before day of departure.
  • Organizers of off-campus activities must obtain the Vice-Chancellor’s approval in writing before embarking on such trips.
  • Students who are not accredited as members of the group should under no circumstance accompany the group.
  • The group and the vehicle(s) designated for the off-campus programme are to go to the exact destination alone and return to campus with all the contingents.


All proposals for any form of celebrations and social gatherings to be held on campus by individuals, clubs and associations are to be submitted in writing for consideration and recommendation through the Staff Adviser or the Hall Warden concerned, for the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs.  Organizers of programme without due approval will be appropriately sanctioned.


  • Permission to use halls of residence for social activities must be by the written permission of the Dean of Student Affairs with at least 48 hours’ notice.
  • Individual students who wish to use the common room for social gatherings should submit their request in writing through the Hall Warden or in the case of clubs and associations, through the Staff Adviser, for the approval of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • No social gathering of students will be allowed during any university official activities.
  • Any form of anti-social behaviour (e.g. smoking, drinking of alcohol, use of hard drugs, fighting, etc) during the gatherings is strictly prohibited. Any violation of these regulations will be referred to the Student Disciplinary Committee.
  • All authorized activities should normally take place in the Common Room.
  • Parties must not last beyond 6:00 pm.
  • Music played in the rooms or at approved social gatherings should not disturb other residents.  Every musical composition played through/on any electronic device must be in harmony with the expected high moral standards of the University.
  • Under no circumstance should any student produce noisy sound to the detriment of other students or hostel staff in the halls of residence.

(i)         NIGHT CONTROL

  • All students should be in their halls of residence by 10.00 pm
  • The only lights permitted in the rooms apart from overhead lights are desk and rechargeable lamps, which are to be provided by students.
  • Bed Checks shall be performed in the Halls of residence daily from 10.30 pm and any student absent shall receive appropriate sanction(s).


  • Only torches, cell phone lights and rechargeable lamps are allowed during power outages. Naked flames are prohibited.
  • Under no circumstance must electrical appliances and extension cords or multiple outlets be brought into the halls of residence or used by students. Appliances such as immersion heaters, heating coils, electric cookers, toasters, grills, television sets, refrigerators and hot plates are prohibited.
  • Only electric kettle not more than 1500w is allowed but this should not be used in the students’ room except in the laundry room or kitchenette.  However, such electric kettle must have the capacity to switch off automatically.


  • Students are forbidden from keeping raw food items like noodles, spaghetti, rice, yam, etc, in the hostel.
  • Any student who violates (i) above shall face appropriate disciplinary action.


  • Students must make their beds and keep their rooms clean and tidy.
  • There shall be monthly sanitation exercise and all students must participate in the exercise. Failure to do so without permission shall attract serious disciplinary action.

Students are forbidden from:

  • Indiscriminately urinating and defecating outside the toilets and in unauthorized areas.
  • Bathing outside the prescribed bathrooms.
  • Disturbing others by playing music.
  1. Violation of (i) to (iii) above shall attract appropriate disciplinary action.
  2. Appropriate University officials reserve the right to inspect the hostels and rooms at any time.


  • Students must not tamper with, dismantle, attempt to dismantle or interfere with the normal functioning of equipment, facilities and security fixtures in the halls of residence and university environment.
  • Nail tacks and anything else that can damage the walls must not be used on the walls.
  • There should be no movement of furniture or property from one room to another and no alteration is permitted on the furniture, including fixtures, lights, woodwork or locks.
  • All students in the room where damages are found will pay for damages at the end of the session
  • Should the damage occur in the laundry, common room, toilets or bathroom, all students on that floor will be held responsible
  • There should be no pasting of advertisements of any kind on the wall
  • Student’s advertisement, when authorized, should not be pasted on the notice boards in the hostel without the approval of the Hall Warden      
  • Under no circumstance should students place mattresses on the floor.

(n)       PETS

For health and sanitary reasons, pets are prohibited in and around the university halls of residence.  Any breach of the rule will attract appropriate disciplinary action.


  • Any student who stays or squats in a room not allocated to him/her will be made to face disciplinary action.
  • A student who aids and abets squatting of another student at any time including at examination period and/or harbouring strangers/visitors in rooms will also face disciplinary action.
  • Any student who harbours a stranger and an unauthorized visitor in the hostel shall be made to face disciplinary action.


  • The University does not accept responsibility for any loss of personal property in the halls of residence.
  • Students are strongly advised to keep all valuables and large sums of money with commercial banks.
  • Doors should always be locked and keys removed when leaving the room. The keys must be kept at the Hall Supervisor’s office.
  • Students must not leave personal belongings in their halls of residence during long vacations.
  • Any personal equipment (e.g. personal computers, handsets etc.) used on routine basis should be registered at the Student Affairs Office.
  • Students must not use/possess phones with more than the monetary value approved by the University from time to time.
  • Lending and borrowing of large sums of money among students is prohibited.