The attention of the Directorate of Student Support Services (DSSS) has been drawn to a document titled “Debtors List” circulating on social media and which details full names of students and supposed amount owed, dated 19th May, 2020.

The DSSS has confirmed that the document is not genuine as it has no Management’s approval and is fraught with inexcusable errors. It is a fifth columnist attempt at discrediting the University. The document which lacks identifiable brand mark also listed the daughter of the Vice-Chancellor as debtor. Apparently, the Vice-Chancellor of the institution is brought into this for embarrassment. This is absurd and should be ignored.

Students are by this correspondence informed that on no account would the institution consider releasing such an embarrassing document to social media platforms as this contradicts the ethos of the institution. Students are encouraged to please pay no attention to documents that bear no due authorisation.

On matters of balances and payment of school fees, respective College Accountants and the Acting Bursar are the credible contacts to reach for authentic information. Their numbers are hereunder listed, please.

College Accountants

S/NAccountantCollegeMobile Contact
1.Mr. Joshua OLAWUMICollege of Agriculture, Engineering & Sciences (COAES)0803-725-0173
2.Mr. Abiodun SODAMOLACollege of Computing & Communication Studies0703-888-1111
3.Mr. Adetayo MAYOWACollege of Health Sciences (COHES)0806-677-3321
4.Mrs. Abimbola OGUNJOBICollege of Law (COLAW)0803-959-3166
5.Mrs. Esther ADEMUYIWACollege of Liberal Studies (COLBS)0803-565-3966
6.Mr. Victor MARCUS-AUDUCollege of Management & Social Sciences (COSMS)0803-505-9650

Acting Bursar

S/NAccountantDesignationMobile Contact
1.Mr. Stephen AKANJIActing Bursar0803-328-7209

Any embarrassment caused by the document is regretted.

Thank you

Dr. A. A. Aderibigbe
Director, Student Support Services