The Directorate of Student Support Services (DSSS) wishes to notify students that a make-up examination is scheduled to hold from Wednesday 16th September, 2020 to Saturday 19th September, 2020 for students who could not successfully upload/submit/complete their Phase II Examination following technical and or network interruption. One profound criterion for being eligible to write the examination is verifiable evidence of initial but unsuccessful participation in the Phase II Second Semester Examination.

Students are advised to kindly avoid mischief calculated at re-writing an already successfully uploaded examination. This action is punishable, please. Students who have not successfully uploaded/submitted/completed their examination and who are yet to notify their respective Programme Coordinators (PCs) are required to do so immediately – they are to state their Matriculation Number, Full Name and Complaint(s) and forward same to the WhatsApp Application of the PCs. Where the PCs have no WhatsApp enabled number/line known to the students, concerned students are encouraged to send the information to the PCs using the Short Message Service (SMS). All complaints are to be reported on or before 10pm (Nigerian Time) on Friday 11th September, 2020.

For clarification, students should note that the Make-up examination will be strictly for the following:

  1. Students who could not successfully upload the 2019/2020 Phase II Examination.
  2. Students who could not successfully submit the 2019/2020 Phase II Examination.
  3. Students who could not complete the 2019/2020 Phase II Examination because they were logged out due to technical issues and not through the students’ careless approach to time allotted for the Examination.

The DSSS wishes to advice concerned students to ensure that the technical requirements for the examination is ascertained ahead of the examination. Students are strongly advised not to pair their mobile network with their computers to avoid possible mobile network interruption whenever phone calls are sent on the paired line. Also, the Desktop or Laptop should be checked and camera confirmed to be in good state.

Ahead of the examination, all Hotlines reachable by students will be communicated 24 hours before the examination. We wish all concerned students success in the make-up examination.


Dr. A.A. Aderibigbe


Directorate of Student Support Services

Operational Definition of Term

Phase II Examination: The 2019/2020 Examination held between Tuesday 18th August to Monday 31st August, 2020.