A 500-level MB,BS student, Master Mayomikun Olawale has emerged as one-day Vice-Chancellor of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State.

Bowen Varsity VC, Prof. Joshua Ogunwole and one-day VC, Olawale

Olawale beat Master Victor Adeyemo ( 500 Level MB,BS student and Master Barnabas Madoghwe (400 Level Law student) as first runner-up and second runner-up respectively.

Olawale, who acted as VC on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, enjoyed all the paraphernia of office  of the Vice-Chancellor, including collection of allowances, presiding over the Senate and other privileges.

According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the university, Mr. Toba Daramola, “the One-day Vice-Chancellor contest was in fulfillment of the commitment of the University as seen in her vision, mission and core values, which are presented as:

“Vision:To be a foremost Christian institution of excellence – building God-fearing leaders, defining the future.

“Mission:Creating a conducive and dynamic teaching, learning and research environment that equips our graduates with Christ-like character, positive attitude and sterling leadership qualities.

“Core Values:(i) Godliness (ii) Excellence (iii) Entrepreneurship; (iv) Innovation; and (v) Social Responsibility”.

Olawale performing functions of VC

Speaking further, Daramola said:”In deepening the Vice-Chancellor’s agenda towards student-centred learning, mentoring and integration, there was a call for a One-day Vice-Chancellorship contest amongst students.

“The platform provides an opportunity for students of Bowen University from 300-Level and above to vie for the position of the Vice-Chancellor, making way for students’ participation in University administration.

“The successful applicant will have full responsibility of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for one-day (24 hours) as well as the paraphernalia of office”.

Speaking on how the one-day VC emerged, the university’s image maker said:”One thing that many observers of the one-day “ceremony” might be unaware is the enormous amount of labour (sweat and blood) that went into the project. Beyond the one-day event, there were series of considerations starting from the planning, prequalification and qualification stages.

“A call was made with conditions based on current academic and moral standings. Then a computer-based test on leadership, local knowledge and the like. Afterwards, a book review and other selection criteria. Finally, there was an election. But for the effect of COVID-19, there were other stages, such as Internship in partnership with Stutern and EduBridge Academy and interactions with industry leaders.

“A week to the assumption of office saw a series of training and interactions with leaders on campus, including all Principal Officers as well as the Vice-Chancellor”.

He added:”All these were put together to ensure that Bowen University raises godly and excellent leaders of today who define the future. Management’s dream and pursuit is the building of character and excellence in students who from today will define our tomorrow”.