Information to Students on Online Examination (GST, GEL, EES & CSA)

As you may be aware, online examination for University-wide courses commence on Monday 1st June, 2020. This correspondence is written because of the need to cascade the decision of the management on the 2019/2020 Online Examination for University-wide courses.

The Vice-Chancellor, acting on behalf of the Senate has directed that University-wide courses like General Studies (GST), Godliness, Excellence and Leadership (GEL), Entrepreneurship and Employability Studies (EES) and Computer Skills Acquisition (CSA) should be examined online using Computer Based Test (CBT) from Monday 1st to Tuesday 9th June, 2020.

I wish to communicate further that there will not be lectures during this period to give students unbroken attention for the examination. Online lectures for College/Programme based courses will however resume after the examination.

By way of additional information, students who are yet to pay their fees will not be qualified to write the examination as there are measures in place to check full payment of fees as key condition for qualification to write the examination.

Feel very free to contact the Directorate of Student Support Services in case there are questions and/or clarifications. The following numbers are open any time of the day: Director (0803-416-1539), Deputy Director, Female (0802-720-5032) Assistant Director, Male (0803-314-6135) Deputy Director, BUTH Ogbomosho (0802-318-1961).

Kindly help to communicate the above information to the entire student population, please.

Dr. A.A. Aderibigbe
Director, Student Support Services


President, Bowen Baptist Student Fellowship (BBSF)
Speaker, Student Representative Council (SRC)
Presidents, College & Programme Student Associations
Class Representatives

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