ATTENTION: Security Advisory for 2022/2023 Assumption & Resumption


The Directorate of Students’ Support Services (DSSS) wishes to inform the fresh and returning students that the schedule of assumption and resumption of undergraduate students subsists. The following information should be noted ahead of assumption (for fresh students) and resumption (for returning students):

  1. Assumption for fresh students is on Monday, 17th October, 2022.
  2. Resumption for returning students is on Sunday, 23rd October, 2022. Returning students are not expected on campus before the due date.
  3. Given that it is rainy season, it is advised that students seek information and advice, on the nature and situation of the routes they wish to navigate before travelling.
  4. Students who decide to use public transportation should take the pain to note the vehicle number, vehicle type and vehicle colour, and send the information to their Parents or Guardian. If it is possible, pictures of the vehicle should be taken before boarding and sent to a family or trusted relative. Students are encouraged to prioritise boarding vehicles within bus terminals as against waiting on the highway for vehicles.
  5. Considering the increasing nature of insecurity, especially with road transportation, it is advised that students should be careful with public discussions when in public vehicles. A careless conversation can empower a criminal but silence on the part of the commuter is safety. Students should leave their homes with enough snacks/drinks and avoid possible purchase from vendors or seemingly innocent gifts from passengers.
  6. Students should clear the history of financial transactions on their mobile phones, to deter criminals. The environment of bus terminals should be examined carefully and the occupants of vehicles assessed for possible threatening give-away.
  7. Students should avoid night travel by all means necessary.

The DSSS wishes all students travelling mercies.

Thank you.


Dr. A.A. Aderibigbe
Director, Directorate of Students’ Support Services

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Bowen University Scholar Emerges Nigeria’s First Scientist to Win Harvard Prestigious Fellowship

Meet Olatunde Dahunsi, a Professor of Microbiology in Bowen University. He recently became the first Nigerian Scientist to win the Harvard Radcliffe Fellowship in the 2022/2023 cohort of 50 fellows worldwide.

Dahunsi, is one of the three Africans selected as Fellows in the 2022/2023 cohort and the first Nigerian scientist who broke the jinx and became the first ever Harvard Radcliffe Fellow in the Sciences, coming after Chimamanda Adichie who won the Fellowship in 2011 on Fiction and Poetry, Ifeoma Fafunwa who won the Fellowship in 2017 in Performing Arts and Chidi Ugwu the winner in 2020 on Anthropology. So far, about 1,195 fellows have been awarded worldwide with only 4 from Nigeria.

He will conduct research in renewable and sustainable energy generation, waste management and sustainable agriculture.

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Registration for ERP ends on 17th September 2022

Note that Students can only register for the ERP after making full payment.

Structure of Fees for Extended Remedial Programme 2021/2022 Academic Session

One Course – ₦80,000

Two Courses – ₦150,000

More than two Courses but not more than 12 credits – ₦200,000

Extra-credits for graduating students – ₦25,000 per credit (maximum of 14 credits)

Completion of Project during the ERP – ₦100,000

Mode of payment of ERP fees – Online

For more details contact: 08135468229/

AJANI, Olumide O. (PhD, FREng, MInstP, MISES, MNIP)
Head ERP Unit

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Information to Students: International Study Trip to Nairobi Kenya

The Directorate of Students’ Support Services (DSSS) is pleased to inform students that indication of interest for the study trip to Nairobi Kenya begins 12noon on Saturday, 6th August, 2022. The study trip is one of the many forms of experiential learning enshrined by the University to broaden the horizon of students, while exposing them to diversities of culture, dynamics of social and political systems of other countries, in line with the heutagogy learning mode. Students are to take note of the following:

  1. Parents of interested students are to send letters addressed to the Director, Directorate of Parents & Corporate Affairs, expressing interest for the travel of their Children to Nairobi Kenya, and to bear relevant costs as is outlined below. The letter is to be sent to on or before 12noon on Wednesday, 17th August, 2022.
  2. Interested students are to proceed to the University Website and click on the link titled STUDY TRIPS, to register, as may be appropriate. Students are to ensure that all questions are answered.


The University will be responsible for the cost of Accommodation and intra-country transportation of all students.


The Parents shall bear the cost of return flight ticket to Kenya, VISA expenses at the point of entry and the cost of feeding.

Students are encouraged to go online, register and remind their parents to send required letter to express interest in the study trip. Deadline for the application is 12noon on Wednesday, 17th August, 2022.

Kind regards.


Dr. A.A. Aderibigbe
Director, Directorate of Students’ Support Services;

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MBBS 7th Induction: Best Graduating Student

I’m from a Muslim family but coming into Bowen University, I got to experience God in different ways and that helped me in my journey of 7 years and 9 months.

I also got the gift of friendships, mentorship and good relationships, the gift of people basically.

I just want someone out there to know that whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish once you work hard, have positive affirmations and trust God.

– Oyeneyin Adiat MBBS
Best Graduating Student

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