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(a) 100 and 200 Level Students are required to pay 70 percent of all due fees within the first two weeks of resumption of the First Semester and register for their courses. The balance of 30 percent of the total fees is to be paid within the first two weeks of the second semester.

School Fees Payment for Foreign Students
Foreign Students living in Nigeria will pay 10% increment of current school fees
while foreign students living outside Nigeria will pay 15% increment of current school fees across all programmes.

(b) All Other Students (Levels 300 to 500) are required to pay in full fees for Accomodation and Conveniences reflected in Category A in addition to 50 percent of the Academic Fees, Other fees in Category A and Bench Fees. They are also required to make full payment of fees in Categories B, C and E, as applicable, within the first two weeks of resumption of the first semester and register for their First Semester courses.

200 to 500 Level Students are required to pay in full fees in Category D, as may be applicable, and the due balance of Academic Fees, Bench Fees and Other Fees in category A within the first two weeks of resumption of the Second semester and register for their Second Semester courses.

Students in the Clinicals of the Medicine and Surgery Programmes are required to pay all relevant Fees in Categories B and C PLUS a minimum of N1,400,000.00 (representing 40%) from the Session Fees (Category A) within the first week of resumption in March, 2020, a second instalment of N1,225,000.00 (35%)on or before July 31, 2020 and the balance of N875,000.00 (25%) on or before November 30, 2020.

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1. The school will not entertain any refund of fees after payment has been effected for whatever reason.
2. Overpayment of fees will be credited into students’ account and sorted out at graduation if it has not been fully utilized by then.
3. All Students are required to register for their semester courses within the first three weeks of resumption. Registration is contingent on payment of all
prescribed fees. Late registration after three weeks attracts a penalty of 5 percent of whatever amount stands against the student as total outstanding fees plus N5,000.00 for late course registration.
4. Feeding shall be by approved Cafeteria Services for which students themselves Pay As They Eat (PATE).

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